City Charitable Trust

It has always been part of the Haughey family’s business philosophy that giving back is a key part of being a success.

Since early in his business career, Lord Haughey has supported local causes, but three years ago he decided to formalise his charitable efforts by setting up the City Charitable Trust.

The Trust has donated over £5 million to various charities since it was formed. In 2010 alone, charitable donations topped £1.3 million. Most of the recipients are local charities. “I’m a real believer in 10% global 90% parochial” he points out.

He is also a stickler for ensuring his charitable donations are wisely spent. Instead of giving a simple donation to an aid charity in West Africa, Lord Haughey sent City Refrigeration engineers across to drill water wells. Unsurprisingly they are still there after 10 years and have brought fresh water to 47,000 people.

But it is the scale and variety of his donations at home – everything from £1000 to a Glasgow youth football team to £100,000 to the Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh (in which he took part) and £150,000 for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres – that have made him a local hero.

So far he has given £200,000 to homeless charities. Glasgow is the homeless capital of Europe and Lord Haughey is now working on big plans to rid the city of that title.

Lord Haughey - Local Inspiration

He also visits numerous schools and youth groups throughout the country to help motivate and inspire the next generation. “Even if I only get through to 10 per cent of the kids, they will leave with the message – if he can do it, so can I”.

To give some of them a helping hand along the way, the Trust has just announced a £500,000 grant for International Inspiration which helps kids realise their dreams by getting involved in sport.

Also on the sports front, Lord Haughey agreed to sponsor the Scottish Cup after Tennent’s pulled out as the main sponsor at the end of 2007. He put £2 million into a two-year deal with the Scottish Football Association.

He gave up naming rights in order to boost Scottish tourism. The Homecoming Scottish Cup, as it was known, marked the year of Homecoming in 2009 when Scots from all over the world were encouraged to come back and visit their native land.

In 2011 Lord Haughey donated £100,000 to the children’s charity UNICEF. He was prompted to make the donation after reading about the charity’s work with the flood-hit children in Pakistan.

City Charitable Trust made the donation to Manchester United manager and UNICEF ambassador Alex Ferguson.

City Charitable Trust Donations

Here are just some of the organisations that have benefited from the trust:

  • Castlemilk Stress Centre
  • Castlemilk Youth Project
  • Council Anti Drugs (Holyrood School)
  • Croftcoighn School
  • Dance Point Glasgow
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Awards
  • EMMAUS (Homeless Unit)
  • Glasgow Caring City
  • Glasgow City Council (Haiti Project)
  • Glasgow City Council (Lowry Painting)
  • Glasgow Council Charity Fund
  • Glasgow Rowing Club
  • The Gorbal's Fair
  • Jades Journey
  • Lady Provost
  • Live 8 (Make Poverty History)
  • Lord Provost Charity Appeal
  • Lord Provosts Bethlehem Appeal
  • Maggie's Centre
  • Pilgrimage Fund
  • The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice
  • The Princess Royal Trust for Carers
  • Queen's Park FC
  • Riverside Museum Appeal
  • Schools Enterprise Glasgow
  • Special Olympics
  • Special Pilgrimage (Lord Provost)
  • Spirit Aid
  • St. Patricks Ball
  • Toryglen Community Hall
  • University of Glasgow Trust
  • Water For All Africa
  • West African Water Wells
  • The Women's Interfaith Network
  • Yorkhill Sick Children's Hospital